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Energy saving and environmental protection lime kiln production line
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Energy saving and environmental protection lime kiln production line

Production Line Introduction: The energy-saving and environmentally friendly lime kiln production line is mainly used as a supporting equipment for processing lime, which is calcined at 1100~1200 ℃. The selection of active lime production process is determined by various factors: investment cost, lime activity requirements, fuel selection, raw material particle size, system capacity requirements, and environmental protection requirements. We will determine the production process based on the specific situation and requirements of the customer< Br>
Fuel:Coal, natural gas, coke oven exhaust, yellow phosphorus exhaust
Calcination temperature:1100-1200℃
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Henan Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Lime Kiln

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Wanda Technology's efficient and environmentally friendly lime production line has technologies such as intelligent slag removal system, intelligent operation system, intelligent air supply system, 3D imaging intelligent cloth distribution system, and automatic control system,
This new kiln production line can effectively solve the problems of low production, uneven distribution, and unstable operation of traditional kilns. It can maintain the optimal production state and stable operation of the entire kiln, ensuring the maximization of lime production.

Large output

Large production capacity
Good lime quality
High activity
Low burning rate

Environmentally friendly ultra clean


Environmentally friendly ultra clean emissions
Emission of atmospheric pollutants
All indicators are better than
national standards

Energy saving and labor-saving


Energy saving and coal saving
Energy saving and labor saving
Energy consumption is much lower than
Industry average

High degree of automation


High degree of automation
The equipment runs smoothly
Low failure rate

Fuel options available


Fuel options available
Coal and natural gas
Blast furnace exhaust gas, etc

Golden Key Service


Golden Key Service System
Make customers worry free
Installation and after-sales service

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