Flue gas desulfurization and denitrification
Flue gas desulfurization engineering
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Flue gas desulfurization engineering

(SDS dry desulfurization system) production line introduction: as a well-known domestic comprehensive service provider for flue gas treatment, it has a variety of core technologies including dry desulfurization, semi dry desulfurization and wet desulfurization, mainly including SDS sodium based dry desulfurization, SDS calcium based dry desulfurization, SDA rotary spray drying desulfurization, CFB circulating fluidized bed desulfurization, ammonia desulfurization, limestone gypsum desulfurization, which are widely used in coke ovens, lime kilns, gas boilers Heating furnaces, hot air furnaces, and other industries
Processing air volume: 1-3 million meters ³/ H
Main equipment: grinding machine, spraying system, reaction device< Br> Scope of application: sulfur-containing flue gas from kilns
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Boiler dedicated desulfurization system

Special desulfurization equipment for aluminum melting furnace

Special desulfurization equipment for lime kiln


Kiln dedicated desulfurization system



No waste liquid throughout the process: the dry process route has no waste water, reducing the pressure on steel plant waste liquid, and the denitrification efficiency is as high as 95%;
Not affecting TRT: After TRT, the device has low system resistance and does not indirectly cause carbon quota losses for the enterprise;
High desulfurization accuracy: dry method is suitable for "fine work", with a total sulfur content of<300mg/m ³, More suitable for dry methods;
Not afraid of sulfur fluctuations: When the sulfur content in blast furnace gas fluctuates, there is no need for additional operation to achieve smooth desulfurization;
High synergistic efficiency: synergistically removes acidic gases such as Cl ions and HF from coal gas, protecting back-end pipelines and equipment;

Long operating time: the service life of the hydrolysis agent is ≥ 12 months, and the desulfurization agent is ≥ 6-8 months;
Environmental protection closed-loop: The replaced hydrolytic agent and desulfurization agent can be "reused";
Small device footprint: modular system design, simple process, and small equipment footprint;
Unattended: The equipment only needs to be inspected daily, without requiring additional labor;
Durable: The dry desulfurization process is currently the only technology that has been continuously and stably operating for over 8 years.


Environmentally friendly ultra clean


Energy saving and labor-saving


High degree of automation


Golden Key Service



Flue gas desulfurization engineering
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