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Calcium Hydroxide Equipment


Calcium Hydroxide Equipment

       Process introduction of calcium hydroxide production line: calcium hydroxide is obtained by chemical reaction of calcium oxide and water, and is a traditional inorganic chemical product. Dry calcium hydroxide production process: qualified quicklime is broken to about 40mm by jaw crusher. The lime in the silo is sent to the crushed calcium oxide storage tank through the bucket elevator. The lime in the silo enters the preheater through the constant flow screw conveyor or the quantitative weighing system. The lime is initially digested under the strong stirring of the mixing rod (it can be divided into single, double and triple shafts according to the output). The residence time of the material in the preheater can be adjusted by frequency conversion according to the digestion situation. The materials that are basically digested enter the secondary digester (can be divided into single, double and triple shafts according to the output) under the forward push of the mixing paddle to further complete the digestion reaction. The digested calcium hydroxide passes through the air-closed device, enters the disperser, and then is sent by the semi-finished product screw conveyor to the high-efficiency powder separator to obtain qualified calcium hydroxide, which can also be used for product classification.
The qualified calcium hydroxide is delivered to the bucket elevator by the finished product conveyor and then unloaded into the finished calcium hydroxide bin, and then sub-packaged and bulk loaded by vehicles according to the user's needs. A large amount of water vapor and heat will be generated during the digestion process of quicklime, which is directly introduced into the thermal catalytic converter independently developed and manufactured by our company after being purified by the dust collector above the secondary or tertiary digester, making the water temperature reach about 30 ℃, greatly improving the digestion rate; Because the inlet and outlet of the preheater and digester are equipped with air-closed devices, which ensures that the steam in the system is completely isolated from the external inlet, forming a full negative pressure in the system, and there is no dust leakage and emission during the production process, so that the production line meets the requirements of clean production.

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