Flue gas desulfurization and denitrification
Flue Gas Denitration


Flue Gas Denitration

       It has mature SCR denitration technology, such as medium-high temperature SCR denitration technology, medium-low temperature SCR denitration technology, ultra-low temperature SCR denitration technology, which is widely used in coke oven, steel sintering, lime kiln, gas boiler, heating furnace, hot blast furnace, paper making, industrial silicon, waste incineration and other industries.
For high-temperature industrial kilns that produce chemical or physical reactions and release a large amount of gas due to roasting, calcining and drying of ores, our company has developed a special SCR denitration system for lime kilns, which can extract and treat the high-temperature dust-containing flue gas at 160 ℃ - 280 ℃ through induced draft fan.

Processing air volume: 1-100000 m ³/ h
Main equipment: denitration reactor, catalyst, ammonia injection system, metering system, etc
Scope of application: various kiln flue gas denitration industries

Flue Gas Denitration
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