Flue gas dust removal technology
Smoke and dust removal engineering
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Smoke and dust removal engineering

(Dust removal system) Production line introduction: For high-temperature industrial kilns that undergo chemical or physical reactions during roasting, calcination, and drying of ores, releasing a large amount of gas, our company has developed a dedicated dust removal system for lime kilns. The system uses an induced draft fan to extract high-temperature dust containing flue gas from 130 ℃ to 280 ℃ and perform dust removal treatment; For mining sites and fine powder in the wind (less than 50 μ m) Our company has developed a long bag pulse dust collector that includes a bag type dust collector, an induced draft fan, and a ventilation pipe for the processing of mineral powder with high content, large dust collection capacity, and multi stage characteristics, as well as powder engineering such as cement and coal powder preparation. The machine has a large processing air volume and a centralized dust removal system< Br>
Processing air volume:1 to 1 million meters ³/ H
Main equipment:Room by room, pulse air box, cloth bag, cyclone and other related dust removal equipment
Scope of application:Kiln dust removal, storage bin dust removal, coal powder preparation dust removal, and other industries
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Flue gas dust removal system

Dust collector

dust-removing equipment

Smoke and dust collection equipment

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Dust removal process at the kiln end of the lime industry
The temperature of the flue gas at the end of the lime kiln is between 130 and 280 ℃, and the dust concentration is generally between 10 and 30g/Nm ³。 Our company, based on the characteristics of lime production and smoke and dust, and drawing on years of experience, adopts a large-scale high-temperature offline pulse dust collector for kiln dust removal, and sets up a two-stage dust removal system. The first level of dust removal is equipped with a cyclone dust collector, while the second level adopts a high-temperature bag type dust collector, followed by a high-temperature induced draft fan. The entire system is operated under negative pressure, sealed well to prevent dust from overflowing. The purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere through a chimney using a high-temperature resistant fan. Control the dust concentration of the purified gas at 30mg/Nm ³ Within, better than standard.
The dust collected by the bag filter is sent to the dust bin through a rotary discharge valve, scraper machine, and bucket elevator, and is regularly transported away by a dedicated vehicle. To ensure smooth ash discharge from the dust collector hopper and prevent side wall adhesion, a silo wall vibrator is installed on the inclined wall of the ash hopper. The dust collector adopts high-temperature resistant filter material. An electric regulating valve is installed at the inlet of the fan to ensure the pressure of the kiln outlet flue gas. At the same time, the fan is equipped with a hydraulic coupling for speed regulation to meet different production conditions of the kiln.




Smoke and dust removal engineering
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