WangHuo Lime Kiln
Lime Kiln


High efficiency,

environmental protection and energy saving lime kiln

       The R&D team of Vanda Technology, based on the use of domestic kiln types and the current situation of the industry, has continuously upgraded and transformed the products, independently developed a new generation of "Wanghuo Kiln". The entire production line covers more than 50 advanced technologies in China, achieved various technological changes, and made major breakthroughs in performance. It has the advantages of large output, environmental protection and energy saving, high degree of automation, stable equipment operation, low energy consumption and production cost saving, and environmental protection and ultra-low emission. Its cutting-edge technology is widely used in the reconstruction of new lime production lines and old kiln types. Among them, the successful application of ultra-low temperature denitration device in lime production lines, environmental protection and emission are superior to national standards, filling the gap in the domestic industry.

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