Flue gas desulfurization and denitrification
Flue gas denitrification engineering
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Flue gas denitrification engineering

We have mature SCR denitrification technology, such as medium to high temperature SCR denitrification technology, medium to low temperature SCR denitrification technology, and ultra-low temperature SCR denitrification technology, which are widely used in industries such as coke ovens, steel sintering, lime kilns, gas boilers, heating furnaces, hot blast furnaces, papermaking, industrial silicon, and waste incineration< Br> For high-temperature industrial kilns that undergo chemical or physical reactions and release a large amount of gas during roasting, calcination, and drying of ores, our company has developed a dedicated SCR denitrification system for lime kilns, which uses an induced draft fan to extract and treat high-temperature dusty flue gas from 160 ℃ to 280 ℃< Br> Processing air volume: 1-1 million meters ³/ H
Main equipment: denitrification reactor, catalyst, ammonia injection system, metering system, etc Scope of application: Various kiln flue gas denitrification industries
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Lime kiln dedicated ultra-low temperature SCR denitrification

Special ultra wide temperature and high sulfur resistant denitration system for kilns

Special ultra-low temperature SCR denitrification for aluminum melting furnace

Dedicated SCR denitrification equipment for kilns



1. Ultra wide temperature operation
2. Operable in high sulfur resistant environments
3. Ammonia storage to reduce ammonia escape
4. Anti alkali metal, extending catalyst life
5. High dust resistant environment operation 

Environmentally friendly ultra clean


Energy saving and labor-saving


High degree of automation


Golden Key Service




Dust removal process at the kiln end of the lime industry
The temperature of the flue gas at the end of the lime kiln is between 150 and 280 ℃. Based on the characteristics of lime production and smoke and dust, and drawing on years of experience, our company adopts ultra-low temperature SCR denitrification for kiln denitrification. The entire system is operated under negative pressure and sealed well. The purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere through a high-temperature resistant fan through the chimney. The concentration of nitrogen oxides in the purified gas can be controlled at 30mg/Nm ³ Within, better than standard.




Taking 75000 Nm3/h kiln flue gas treatment as an example, the comparison of equipment configuration and energy consumption with medium and low temperature SCR denitrification technology is as follows (estimated based on annual operation of 8000 hours):

project Ultra wide temperature and sulfur resistant SCR denitrification process Medium and low temperature SCR denitrification process
Denitration temperature
Supplementary combustion (heating) temperature
heat NOT REQUIRED need
Energy consumption cost No heating required Electric heating: 13.4925 million yuan
Steam heating: 6.5625 million yuan
Natural gas heating: 9.6625 million yuan





玻璃窑炉超低温脱硝 耐火材料专用脱硝 燃煤锅炉专用脱硝
Ultra low temperature denitration in glass kilns Special denitrification for refractory materials Dedicated denitrification for coal-fired boilers
熔铝炉专用超低温SCR脱硝 烧结机专用脱硝 石灰窑专用超低温SCR脱硝系统
Special ultra-low temperature SCR denitrification for aluminum melting furnace Sintering machine dedicated denitrification Special ultra-low temperature SCR denitrification system for lime kiln



Flue gas denitrification engineering
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