Flue gas dust removal technology
Flue Gas Dedusting


Flue Gas Dedusting

       Introduction to the production line of dust removal system: For high-temperature industrial kilns that produce chemical or physical reactions and release a large amount of gas due to roasting, calcining and drying of ores, our company has developed a special dust removal system for lime kilns, which can extract 130 ℃ - 280 ℃ high temperature dust containing flue gas through induced draft fan and conduct dust removal treatment; For mine stope and fine powder in wind (less than 50 μ m) For mineral powder processing, cement, pulverized coal preparation and other powder projects with large content, large dust collection capacity of dust collector and characteristics of multiple sections, our company has developed a long-bag pulse dust collector including bag dust collector, induced draft fan and ventilation pipe, which has large processing capacity and features of centralized dust removal system.



Processing air volume: 1-100000 m ³/ h
Main equipment: chamber-by-row, pulse gas box, bag, cyclone and other relevant dust removal equipment
Scope of application: kiln dedusting, storage bin dedusting, pulverized coal preparation dedusting and other industries


Flue gas dedusting
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